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The History of game changer

History of 9Tens product


9Tens is one of a famous electronic game company, which focus their target from children to adult widly. However, the company, 9Tens, was not lanched as digital game seller. This webpage will introduce the history in order with 8 different.

As a card company...

9Tens was not always that successful during the initial stages of their venture. They did not always start with digital components and all the toolsets required to succeed.
9Tens began as a playing cards company where they sold several decks of playing cards, mainly targeting adults.


Targeting Children

In the dramatically economic growth, 9Tens also started targeting children as part of their target audience.
For such a demographic, creating and selling small toys for children such as dolls, robots, or mini-cars screamed incredible success and sales for 9Tens.
However, this was overseen after the emergent technologies were revealed.


Getting into wider and wider

The purpose of 9Tens was to supply and deliver customers with the most functional and dynamic games, including toolsets which come with a 3-year warranty and free replacement services.
Hence, it was evident that 9Tens was just getting started with non-electronic gaming sets, especially board games such as Chess, Trivial Pursuit, and Backgammon.
It was suitable for both adults and children to play these games, hence 9Tens received immense popularity and gained profits in the gaming industry.


The begin of digital, and the first fail

When emergent technologies were being introduced into the Gaming Market, 9Tens was looking into creating digital games mainly aimed at children.
At the very beginning, portable game consoles were released in Technology marketplace. However, due to the lack of technology know-how, lack of game variations, and use of black-white colour screens – it failed to attract customers and it could not reach to satisfiable result which is the first failure of 9Tens.



Post the failure from 9Tens previously, 9Tens restarted the industry and got it back up again – better than before.
9Tens referred to the past games that they created and had second thoughts regarding their design choices and decisions. At the end, the second generation game console which achieved full colour polygon graphic allow them to made past failure to be valuable


Challenge to the failure

9Tens did not end up with making their failure valuable. Based on their past experience and use of own unique technology, they re-challenged to the portable game.
This time, they co-operated with a notable software game creation company to increase the game variations, and use more advance techniques of wireless communication techniques.
In fact, a wide range of customers who are teenagers to forties were get into their portable gaming device.


Era of computer game

After the huge success of portable game industry, 9Tens launched the project to launch their computer game overseas. Because of the various and convenient functionalities of PC, releasing PC games were becoming a trend of the era.
Their new release of online games was quite popular hence 9Tens released the soft copy of game using internet which was totally new for 9Tens.
Unfortunately, they came across another failure, since most of the PC games targeted people who play PC games.


Trend of Mobile

Different from the PC online game era, along came the smartphone which introduced a new challenge to the game industry.
9Tens did not leave the industry in early pace, and they investigated what kinds of smartphone games will be implemented and suited for the user.
For the lesson from computer game era, they researched the user’s needs carefully, and successfully released "PokeGO" which becomes even social problem for it's addictive entertainment.
Their new games were got a world record the greatest number of users in the game industry.

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